About the different dance styles: 

To find out our children's class timetable please email us or call us on 01403 250063 as we have numerous classes at the same level working at different stages, so it can be difficult to place your child yourself. We take children from as young as 2 1/2 years old up to Adult Classes.

Dance School West Sussex

Classical form of dance. In 'pre-school ballet' children are encouraged to have fun by using expressive and imaginative movement whilst learning the basics of ballet.

From a young age this initial training builds up coordination, posture and self control to enjoy ballet whether just for fun or a profession.

We teach ballet of all grades upto the major professional levels.

Dance School West Sussex


Fun, energetic and exciting form of dance learning about rhythms and ways of incorporating movement and sound.

Most students that take classes in tap also do modern theatre dance.

We teach classes of all levels including the Majors (Advanced 2).

Dance School West Sussex
Modern Theatre:

This style is often associated with that of which we see on stage and in the West End and Broadway productions. The foundations come from contemporary dance.

Energetic and fun class building stamina and dance performance qualities.

Rythmical form of dance involving leaps, jumps and style influences such as Blues, Lyrical and Jazz.

Dance School West Sussex

Free form of dance incorporating moves similar to modern and influenced by current trends such as music videos and cultural influences.

Energetic and fun class working on all aspects of fitness and vocabulary needed for other forms of dance.

This class is offered as a fun open class at Glynde Place with no exams. Many secondary school and college students only do this class, there is often a good sense of social unity.

Dance School West Sussex
Belly Dance:

Belly dance is believed to be the oldest form of dance, it celebrates the femine in all of its forms and changes. All women look beautiful belly dancing and it is open to all shapes, sizes and ages. No dance experience required just your feet and your belly!

On Mondays I teach Belly dance and Polynesian Dance 7.30-8.30

This class is suitable for all levels of experience including complete beginners

On Tuesdays I teach Belly dance for beginners and improver's 7.30-8.30

On Wednesdays I teach Belly dance and tribal fusion for improver's and intermediate level 7-8


All classes are £36 for a 6 week booking or £8 for drop in class.


Contact Carina Rose 07760 162 385


This class if open to all age 16+.